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Invoice Processing

Every organization is dealing with invoice processing on a daily basis

August 29, 2016
Invoice Processing - Artsyl

Every organization is dealing with invoice processing on a daily basis. In most companies invoice processing is done manually while manual invoice processing is slow, complex, tedious and costly.

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Artsyl document capture product docAlpha eliminates the costly and tedious manual invoice processing by automatically extracting information from incoming invoices, validating it, and transferring it to an ERP system. Automatically capture invoice information and transfer it to your accounting system

Replacing manual invoice data entry with a full data capture invoice automation based on docAlpha can yield substantial savings from reduced labor which provides up to 60% overall processing cost reduction.

Artsyl docAlpha reduces the manual work of Invoice Processing to a minimum. When you automate Invoice Processing with docAlpha, the number of human errors will be reduced and your data quality substantially increased. It brings direct savings and better control. The key components enabling that are: automatic documents classification, automatic data extraction, automatic data validation/reconciliation and intelligent self-learning capabilities.

Benefits with Artsyl docAlpha: