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Accounts Payable/Receivable

For most organizations struggling to manage data and documents, no other departments or processes suffer more from manual, inefficient processes than accounts payable and accounts receivable. The main challenge faced by accounts payable personnel is that the velocity of incoming invoices for processing is beyond their control—and neither is the format of those documents. In most cases, finance is forced to be reactive to a change in the pace of business, either as a result of new opportunities or new business realities like mergers or acquisitions, because the lack visibility to the process and the automation to scale to meet demand.

At some point, the debate becomes whether it makes more sense to continue to add personnel just to keep up, or to implement systems and processes that can adapt to change and empower employees by automating the routine and allowing them to focus on exceptions, as well as adding more value.

Enter docAlpha InvoiceAction

Accounts Payable/Receivable - Artsyl

InvoiceAction provides a completely automated solution for invoice processing, beginning with the most painful part of the process—extracting actionable data from vendor invoices, without manual data entry.

By leveraging your digital AP documents, extracted transaction data and your business rules, InvoiceAction delivers a straight-through process that can take you all the way to the creation of the transaction in your ERP system.

Batch scan your paper invoices (no separators required)
InvoiceAction allows users to batch scan paper invoices, without the need for barcodes or cover sheet separators. InvoiceAction automatically separate scanned documents, providing digital images of all paper source documents.

Extract data from paper docs or digital files
Whether you rely on scanned paper or digital source files (including EDI), InvoiceAction extracts actionable data from your documents.

To ensure accuracy, that data is validated based on business logic (checking line item amounts against totals/sub-totals) and against your existing business records (vendor names, addresses, etc). Additional custom validations based on your business rules minimize the need for manual oversight.

Process paper files and digital docs as part of your EDI process
docAlpha electronic data interchange (EDI) support allows organizations to accept electronic requests for quote (EDI 840), purchase orders (EDI 850) and invoices (EDI 810) and process them using the same business rules for paper- or electronic documents, or to generate EDI files from approved and validated documents. Support includes EDI 810, 840 and 850.

Automate 2- or 3-way matching
For purchase order processing, InvoiceAction supports 2- or 3-way matching, comparing order/invoice/receipt documents and data to processed matched documents and identify and alert process owners of exceptions.

Streamline payment approvals
With digital documents and actionable data, InvoiceAction can route documents for coding and approval according to your business rules. Regardless of the complexity of your approval hierarchy, InvoiceAction ensures that documents and data are routed to appropriate approvers.

Trigger Alerts to Eliminate Bottlenecks and Reduce Cycle Times
InvoiceAction notifications ensure that every stakeholder in the process has visibility to documents that require their attention so that nothing slips through the cracks. Want to take advantage or early pay discounts? InvoiceAction can alert users and reduce cycle times to secure those discounts.

Create or Modify AP Transactions in your ERP System At the end of your approval process, InvoiceAction allows you to create payables transactions in your ERP system, while supporting a clear audit trail of all payment approvals.