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Cloud: The power of docAlpha;
the convenience of the Cloud

Artsyl Cloud product icon Cloud: The power of docAlpha; the convenience of the Cloud - Artsyl

In addition to providing docAlpha as a client/server solution, Artsyl provides a software-as-a-service offering called Cloud. Cloud combines the power of intelligent document capture and process automation with the convenience and cost effectiveness of cloud-based delivery.

Leverage the Cloud knowledgebase to automate document classification and intelligent extraction of data

Simplify and streamline implementation and support for document and data extraction and process automation

Scale your docAlpha solution according to your needs without investing in additional hardware or resources

Power and Convenience, Combined

Artsyl’s Cloud solution does more than deliver the power of docAlpha as a hosted solution. It actually takes advantage of the combined knowledge of docAlpha users who have helped to train their systems to learn to identify a vast range of document types. As a result, the Cloud gets smarter every day—expanding its ability to intelligently extract data from any document with minimal set-up or configuration.

Scalability and Affordability

Of course, Cloud also delivers the traditional benefits of hosted, software-as-a-service solutions. That means you don’t have to invest in server hardware/software, don’t have to worry about maintenance and upgrades, user installations or system redundancy/back-up to ensure system uptime.

With Cloud, your organization can focus more on its business objectives and less on data processing, document management and IT support.