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Self-Learning Data Capture Solution


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Artsyl Technologies offers document processing solutions to make your business operate more efficiently:

SimpleCapture Artsyl

SimpleCapture is a simple affordable solution for automating information capture from paper documents. It allows an organization to reduce data-entry by 50% by automating your data extraction efforts. Our Solution reduces your direct expenses for manual key entry simultaneously improving your document processing speed. SimpleCapture will help you save time and money!






SimpleCapture Benefits:

Increases customer satisfaction and eliminates manual data entry

Time Saving
Reduces document processing time by 80%

Process multiple formats of incoming documents in seconds without complicated templates or expensive programming

Eliminate expensive training that can cost thousand per person and delay benefits.

Artsyl's Auto-Find

A range of licensing options that fit any budget and requirements:

Integration with multiple front-end & back-end workflows & applications

Fast & Direct ROI
Achieve by reducing manual document handling

SimpleCapture provides out-of-the-box data capture capabilities without the need for costly integration and extensive labor force retraining. It reduces the time and cost required to process thousands of forms per month, with an easy-to-install and easy-to-use approach.

Unlike most other data capture products, it does not require setting up form templates and can intelligently learn documents on the fly as the operator processes them.

SimpleCapture easily captures incoming paper and electronic documents from your MPFs, desktop, fax servers and department scanners. Users can associate each source with a profile, or document class, for example invoices. Additional custom profiles may also be created, in a Wizard-based mode, without any scripting. It takes minutes and doesn’t require training.

SimpleCapture can automatically cross-validate and reconcile captured results with database lookups and business rules, for both individual fields and line item table data. Captured documents, data and meta-data can be stored to databases, archival systems, accounting and document management systems, and more.

During document capture, the operator’s selections can make the system more intelligent thanks to its self-learning capabilities. The more documents you process, the more intelligent it becomes!

Accelerate & Reduce with SimpleCapture.

SimpleCapture is a desktop solution that provides the entire range of data capture capabilities from image acquisition to document and data export. It scales easy by adding more CPUs, work stations or upgrading to Artsyl`s docAlpha server-based solution to maximize throughput and manageability.

Image Acquisition
Automatically import various document types from your fax server, MFP`s, department and production scanners or network. Hot folders providing auto selection of profiles, processing details, export settings, and destination based on source image folder. It automates common job types and eliminates extra clicks.

Full-page OCR automatically recognizes text of incoming documents in different languages. Language auto-detection helps processing bilingual and multilingual documents.

Background Mode and optional multi-CPU support insures that operators do not spend time waiting for recognition results as they verify the first document, the software is running multiple OCR processes on the background for the following documents.

Image Pre-Processing compensates for scanning and faxing defects and improves of incoming images to max1m1ze OCR accuracy and ease of verification. Provides image de-skew, de-speckle, removing lines with reconstruction of characters and many other filters.

Automatic Document Separation allows automatic batch splitting based on barcodes, patch codes, blank pages and key phrases inside the documents.


Capture of semi-structured documents with no separate setup per vendor required. Captured fields are automatically validated using built-in reconciliations, database lookups and cross - checks especially using other business rules to ensure data accuracy. For invoices, for example, every row in a line item table as well as column totals across all pages are automatically cross-validated. Vendors are checked against the back-end databases. Line items in incoming invoices can be automatically reconciled against the outgoing purchase orders.

Wizard - based setup allows for quick deployments and minimizes training. However if deep APl - level integrations are required by the customer, the product offers an open .NET API for adding custom rules, reconciliations, custom verification screens and other advanced customization options.

While most data capture applications require templates creation that is time ­ consuming and expensive, the Auto - Find technology was developed to help clients processing different types of forms from different customers to avoid template creation and get maximum cost savings from using SimpleCapture & docAlpha.

Artsyl's unique Auto-Find module automatically learns and locates data fields on invoices and other forms by remembering the operator's mouse clicks during semi-manual, Click-to­Capture& mode in SimpleCapture or during exceptions handling by the verification operator in docAlpha. Auto-Find classifies a document the first time it sees and then keeps learning with each new exposure.

Network Collaboration Module can share the knowledge­base so everything one station learns, becomes readily avail­ able for other operators.


Operator can use Point-&-Click mode, Low-Confidence Character Verification mode of Business Rules Validation mode to quickly go over the questionable areas.

Point-&-Click capture works out-of-the-box for any structured and unstructured documents, with no pre-set profiles.

Active Database Lookup allows an operator to capture one missing field and then fill and validate the rest automatically.

Cursor - Guided Operation optimizes keyboard and mouse use efficiency.

Table extraction: Column and cell-mode. Just click and drag.

Meta-data auto-capture allows capturing and storing meta-data such as current date, computer name, operator name original and destination file name, etc.


SimpleCapture can store processed images in numerous file formats and compressions (TIFF, JPG, PNG, PDF), and store captured indexes in many data file formats (XML, XLS, CSV, TXT).

Captured indexes can be stored to data­bases, either directly or using ODBC or OLE DB drivers. All setup is point-and­ click, no scripting required. The product contains built-in data transfer optimization for popular databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

Tight APl - level back-end connectors allow storing captured index fields, meta­ data and images to back-end document management and accounting packages. Depending on the back-end other options may be available such as initiation of approval/payment workflows

Full-Text Indexing option allows storing full-page TXT index or a full-page searchable PDF document.

Auto-Filing: Split a single output stream into a system of organized subfolders and documents named automatically based on captured data, metadata or threshold split values.

Redaction module allows automatic back­ ground redaction of sensitive information and provides visual confirmation mode for each redacted zone if required.

Open .NET Export API allows creating tight integrations with any specialized customer's back-ends and use it with the built-in back-end connectors.